About Us

  • Welcome to HUAI-SHENG Elementary School!
  • HUAI-SHENG Elementary was named in honor of Mr. CHEN, HUAI-SHENG.
  • He was an air force officer. Our school is located in the center of Taipei City.
  • We have students from kindergarten through sixth grade.
  • For decades, HUAI-SHENG Elementary has been a special and wonderful place for kids to grow and learn.
  • We are committed to providing a “small school” atmosphere where students are encouraged to discover, explore and achieve their learning potential.
  • Currently there are 15 regular classes, 1 resource class, and 1 kindergarten class.
  • Our student enrollment is approximately 338 students and we have a faculty of 54.
  • School area is 6,072 square meters.
  • Total 30 teachers, 7 males and 23 females.
  • Total 5 Stuffs.
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Our History

Date Event
1934-1967 Air Force Elementary School, Mr. CHEN, HONG-TAO as the principal.
August 1967 Belonging to the Taipei City Government, Rename to HUAI-SHENG Elementary School. Mr. WU, CING-GENG as the first principal.
May 1969 Mr. WAN, JIA-JYUN as the second principal.
October 1972 Moved to the present site.
August 1976 Mr. HSIEH, CHU-CHANG as the 3rd principal.
August 1980 Mr. LI, CHEN as the 4th principal.
August 1986 Ms. LIU, YUNG-CHUAN as the 5th principal.
August 1990 Ms. TAI, PAO-LIEN as the 6th principal.
August 1995 Ms. SU, YUEH-YING as the 7th and 8th principal.
August 2003 Ms. CIOU, YING-PING as the 9th principal.
August 2007 Mr. TING, FU-SHOU as the 10th principal.
August 2014 Ms. PENG, HUI-YI as the 11th principal.
August 2022 Ms. HUANG, SHU-JU as the 12th principal.


General Information

Office Title/Member Phone Ext.
Principal’s Office Principal/Ms. Huang ext.100
Academic Affairs Director/Ms. Lin ext.501
Student Affairs Director/Mr. Chung ext.601
General Affairs Director/Ms. Lin ext.801
Counseling Director/Ms. Tsai ext.701
Kindergarten Director/Ms. Chen ext.903

The phone number of our school: (02)2771-0846



  • Curriculum Planning





Monday Tuesday Wedneday Thursday Friday
0800-0830 Flag Rasing Ceremony

Students’ Morning Assembly


Tutor Time

Lesson Morning Reading Teachers’s Morning Assembly
0830-0840 Break
0840-0920 Lesson Lesson Lesson Lesson Lesson
0920-0930 Break
0930-1010 Lesson Lesson Lesson Lesson Lesson
1010-1030 Recess Activities
1030-1110 Lesson Lesson Lesson Lesson Lesson
1110-1120 Break
1120-1200 Lesson Lesson Lesson Lesson Lesson
1200-1240 Lunch Teachers’
1240-1330 Nap Time Nap Time
1330-1410 Lesson Lesson Lesson Lesson
1410-1420 Break Break
1420-1500 Lesson Lesson Lesson Lesson
1500-1515 Break Break
1515-1555 Lesson Lesson Lesson Lesson